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Do you always find yourself spending your precious time just to sweep the daily dose of dust from your living room? What if you hire someone to do it? How much will it cost you not to mention you have to pay these guys on a daily basis? Then you’re in for a surprise. A robotic vacuum cleaner may be the only solution!

Why own a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

If you are still considering buying a robot vacuum then maybe you are wondering what type of people already own one and why. We have listed some of the types of people who already enjoy their robotic vacuum on a daily basis.

  • You dont have time to vacuum
  • You're physically unable to vacuum
  • You are an allergy sufferer
  • You work away from home alot
  • You are a pet owner
  • You're gadget mad

Do you have any of the symptoms listed above? If the answer is yes then treat yourself to a robot vacuum. They are designed to make your life easier!

Sound advice

If you have decided to buy a robot vacuum cleaner, good for you, your friends will be envious and you will save time cleaning your house! As you are making a good purchase it is advisable to aim for the maximum amount of convenience you can get in your vacuum. Buy a vacuum cleaner that will return to its docking station once it has finished cleaning the room. The docking station is an important feature, this is where the vacuum cleaner will get charged. If it's not automatic you may forget to manually charge it. Generally, a full charging process for the robot vacuum cleaner takes about three hours, but it can be more depending on the model.

10 good reasons to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner Which robotic vacuum do we rate as the best on the market

Understand that if you are purchasing a vacuum cleaner as a substitute for real vacuuming then your house will never be as clean as you would like. Robotic vacuum cleaners are best used as an aid to a regular 'human' cleaning session. These cleaners are great for minor spills and sucking up dust, They are brilliant at keeping the house dust mite free. Robot vacuums are great but you can't beat human intervention!

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners are the future of vacuumingWe have listed the features and specifications of each robotic vacuum listed on this site. Make sure you read 'Our Rating' on each page. This will give you a better understanding af the vacuum's capabilities and whether or not the model is a good investment. For more tips and advice take a look at our Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide.